Laboratory Exhaust System

The customized Laboratory air dynamics- integration of supply & return are the most critical part of laboratory set up. Human safety, laboratory furniture, Instrument/ equipment durability & performance, power bills depends on the quality of air. We extend effective air design solutions along with CAV/ VAV automation.

Laboratory Exhaust System -PP FRP Duct

Duct is manufactured in layers necessary having minimum of 3 MM PP inner to ensure corrosion/ erosion resistance followed by 2 MM FRP outer layer for structural strengthening. Each layer of FRP approximately 1 mm and time gap is maintained allowing to dry. A smooth finish improving aesthetics. 3 MM thick gasket to maintain leak proof system. Custom made configurations to ensure energy conservation.

Laboratory Exhaust System - Fixed Bed wet Scrubber

Wet Scrubber is manufactured as per specific needs. The body construction is PP with FRP lining with Single stage packed bed type. A recirculation pump with magnetic seal effectively complements the system. The accessories which are included in the Scrubber are Mist eliminator, water spray nozzles, packing material, scrubber water tank , Access door, Water Level.

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