Laboratory Furniture & Accessories

Based on the laboratory needs, cabinets are designed to fulfil customized needs such as Space availibilty, non containment, corrosion resistance, durable, rugged and aesthetical. Laboratory is designed with customized cabinets with various configurations-

  • Wall Bench
  • Corner bench
  • Island bench
  • Under bench
  • Sink Cabinet
  • Storage Cabinet

Standard work top is Granite with 20 MM thickness. Solid grade laminate can be opted.

  • On Plinth
  • On Castrol

Laboratory Furniture & Accessories-Cabinet

Our art of manufacturing unit has developed various designs to meet laboratory needs in terms of functional, operational and aesthetical aspects. We have capability to manufacture Customized configurations.

  • Hardware
  • Hidden/ exposed hinges
  • Flush/ D Handle
  • Soft closing hinge/ slide
  • Handle- SS, Al, ABS
  • Structure
  • C- Frame

Laboratory Furniture & Accessories-Options

  • Skirting – Standard PVC, Based on application powder coated Aluminium can be also be considered.Service drop- Adds to the aesthetics and functional/ operational
  • Service drop - Adds to the aesthetics and functional/ operational
  • Epoxy Raised edge beading - A simple corrosion resistant barrier to prevent spillage on the floor.
  • Electrical Raceway - Powder coated CRCA construction
  • Reagent racks – Customized lengths- 1 tier, 2 tier profile
  • Ducted Venting
  • Work top - 20/ 30 MM thick Granite

Laboratory Furniture & Accessories- Accessories

  • Anti Vibration Table
  • 2 piece work top construction
  • Laboratory Taps
  • 3 Way Water Taps
  • 2 Way Water
  • Single Way Water
  • 2 way taps
  • Safety Shower
  • SS Construction
  • Canopy Hood
  • Frame structure with levelling legs
  • Sink - PP, Epoxy, Powder granite
  • Spot Extractor - PP Construction
  • LabPeg Board - SS Construction, PP Pegs
  • Scaffold for Fume Hood - Construction-Epoxy
  • Fume Hood Remote Valve - Brass raw material as per International Standard
  • Eye Wash - 2 way eye wash, single eye wash, wall mounted eye wash

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