Fume Free Solutions

Fume Free Solutions- Ductless Technology

An innovation towards handling general chemistry small volumes of reagents or chemical compounds at ambient/ moderate temperature in all types of laboratories.

Sudha Analyticals supplies Ductless Fume hood, Powder weighing cabinet, Laminar flow, Biosafety Cabinet and Storage Cupboard.

We are specialized in design, fabrication, installation and validation of gas distribution system and provide integrated engineering solutions for gas distribution systems at plant and laboratory scale. Important considerations during designing – Safety, Aesthetics, Effective space management.

Fume Free Solutions- HPLC System

Solvent upstream- Supply

A safety cap mounted on mobile phase bottle with an air valve performs multiple operations which results in blocking of solvent vapours, avoids under pressure ( no air lock), eliminates dust, keeps solvent clean and most importantly ensures safe working atmosphere in the laboratory.

Solvent downstream- Exhaust

An exhaust filter on the collecting waste canister ensures fumeless atmosphere, avoids over pressure with a indication for filter status. Complements towards a safe working atmosphere laboratory.

Fume Free Solutions- Ductless Storage Cabinet

We supply Storage solutions for Acids/ Bases, Inflammables and combination.

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